(DIGITAL DOWNLOAD) TurtleSeg is an interactive 3D image segmentation tool. Accurate and automatic 3D medical image segmentation remains an elusive goal and manual intervention is often unavoidable. TurtleSeg implements techniques that allow the user to provide intuitive yet minimal interaction for guiding the 3D segmentation process. A key feature of TurtleSeg is Spotlight, an automated system for automatically directing the user towards the next best place for them to provide input. With Spotlight, there is very little need for the user to understand the underlying algorithm used. A typical workflow involves having the user load a 3D image and then use 2D Livewire to manually contour a sparse number of different slices. The full 3D segmentation can then be built automatically using the user-provided information. More details at TurtleSeg.com

One-year, node-locked license for Windows or Mac

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    3. Purchase TurtleSeg using our secure online store. You will be prompted to enter your academic or other discount coupons.
    4. No physical product will be shipped. You will be directed to download a digital copy of the TurtleSeg installer.
    5. Run the installer wizard and launch TurtleSeg on the machine (host) to which TurtleSeg will be locked following simple on-screen steps.
    6. Once TurtleSeg runs, it detects that a valid license is missing and will display your host-specific code.
    7. Copy the code and email the following to info@oxipita.com: 1) The copied host code; 2) Firstname Lastname of licensee; and 3) Affiliation of licensee, e.g. company name.
    8. Within 24 hours, we will email you a signed license (.lic) file to save on your machine.
    9. Re-launch TurtleSeg. TurtleSeg will now recognize the valid license file.
    10. Enjoy TurtleSeg!